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Zovirax (Aciclovir)
Zovirax (Aciclovir)

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Zovirax (Aciclovir)

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Commercial Name: Zovirax
Ingredient: Aciclovir 
Utilization: Treats viral infections
Available Dosage: 800mg

Category: Anti-Viral
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Aciclovir is an antiviral remedy used to treat viral infections, for example, Varicella zoster infection due to chickenpox and shingles, Herpes simplex infection, Epstein Barr Virus resulting from glandular fever, Cytomegalovirus and mouth blisters. It thoroughly can be recommended to stop genital herpes and certain viral diseases in sufferers with a feeble or debilitated insusceptible framework. Its hobby relies upon on its sub-atomic shape created to be like purine nucleoside. 
signs and symptoms of Aciclovir may additionally display up as: 
• seizures; 
• urine and skin problems; 
• atypical draining or wounding; 
• tremor; 
• mental issues; 
• jaundice and unfavorably inclined responses, as an example, tingling, hives, swollen face/lips/tongue. 
the ones are conceivably negative and regularly volatile and have to be accounted for on your specialist or doctor on the earliest opportunity. less genuine reactions may also comprise cerebral pain, queasiness, regurgitating and fever; these may be decided for for your specialist if critically annoying or gift for a that means time frame. 
other than that, an overdose of Aciclovir may reason intense seizures/spasms; mind flights or pee problems or nonattendance. within the occasion that any of those display up, end taking the drug and get medicinal help promptly. 
to diminish the hazard of treating signs, it is necessitated that your specialist authorized treatment with Aciclovir at the off hazard which you: 
• are adversely suffering from nourishments, medicines, additives or colours; 
• are pregnant, bosom bolstering or proceeding to have an little one; 
• enjoy the ill effects of kidney diseases, together with kidney (renal) unhappiness; 
• now taking any nutritional or herbal enhancements, remedy or non-health practitioner advocated tablets, particularly those containing Phenytoin (Fosphenytoin), Probenecid, Tenofovir as they'll partner with each other and Aciclovir increasing the likelihood of creating reactions or making Aciclovir; e
• are touchy to aciclovir or valaciclovir.



Medically reviewed by

Dr. Josette Davignon

Last updated: 13.08.2020