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Commercial Name: Tadapox
Principal Ingredient: Tadalafil, Dapoxetine
Utilization: Relieves: Treats the problem of erectile dysfunction
Available Dosage: 80 mg

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Tadapox (Tadalafil, Dapoxetine) is a unique pharmaceutical product, which is aimed at a comprehensive course of treatment of male impotence.
It is used to restore potency, improve erection and treat premature ejaculation.
The power of action - immediately 2 active components.
Country of manufacture, India.
Tadapox comes on sale in the form of triangular tablets and is available without a prescription.

Action of Тadapox
A unique kind of strong-acting medicine. Using for the treatment and prevention of mixed intimate disorders, Tadapox significantly improves sex life within 60 minutes after taking the pill.
 Potentiates at 100%;
 Strengthens erectile function;
 Improves the quality of orgasm;
 Extends the time of intercourse;
 Increases stamina of the reproductive system;
 Treats premature ejaculation;
 Reduces the period of recovery of sexual energy, and most importantly, it acts after taking the first pill!
The effect of the drug is observed 60 to 90 minutes after taking one tablet and retains its effectiveness for 36 to 48 hours.