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Prozac (Fluoxetine)
Prozac (Fluoxetine)

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Prozac (Fluoxetine)


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Commercial Name: Prozac
Ingredient: Fluoxetine 
Utilization: Treats psychotic problems and Bipolarity
Available Dosage: 20mg

Category: Anti-Depressants
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Many people have a busy day, family difficulties, constant frustration, stress, and other psychological illnesses. All this interferes with them, causing difficulties, excessive irritation, confusion, nerves and disruption of the usual rhythm of life. Various factors could also affect the diagnosis of OCD, the appearance of panic attacks, depression, and many other diseases that require prompt medical treatment.

But our life rarely gives us time for treatment, so we go to the pharmacy to get help from antidepressants. Such medications allow us to establish a psychological state, increase appetite, improve mood and get the necessary energy. One such effective medicine is Prozac or its generic, Fluoxetine.

What is Prozac?

Most often, this drug is used to treat severe depression, but it also has other purposes: OCD or a complex panic disorder. Prozac is a brand name but there is also a more popular one - Fluoxetine (generic). This medicament is very common among people from 40 to 50 years old because it helps to calm down, improve mood and set up a normal diet. Such medicine can take several forms - tablets, capsules, liquid. Prozac does not have a sedative effect; it will be a good choice because this drug does not cause a decrease in functional activity.

Also, its work does not affect the functioning of organs and the cardiovascular system. The medication is well absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract and weakly passes through the liver without damaging its work. The effectiveness of the medicine can last 6-8 hours. Then the active substances exit through the kidneys and part through the intestines.

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Prozac dosage

Prozac does not have a fixed dosage. This medicine is prescribed by a doctor, taking into account the characteristics of the human body, his medical history, and the purpose of treatment. The doctor should be sure that taking this medicament is safe and does not increase the risk of side effects. The dosage will be individual so carefully monitor the intake of pills. If people take this medication to treat depression, then the initial dose would be 20 mg orally. If the patient does not feel an improvement in his condition, then he can increase the dosage with the permission of the doctor. In this case, the dosage will be from 20 to 60 mg. The doctor should observe the patient's condition for about 4 weeks to detect the body's response to this medicine. The maximum dosage should not exceed 80 mg per day. Prozac can be taken in the form of delayed-release capsules - the dosage can be 90 mg per day.

Prozac side effects

Some sources warn that Prozac for anxiety may cause suicidal thoughts in patients under 25 years old. A lot of research has been done and such cases have been extremely rare. Such a body reaction can be a side effect that affects the thinking of young people or children. There is also a list of other side effects that may occur with the wrong dosage or as a reaction of your body to the active elements of the drug.

Side effects may include the following: flu symptoms, dry mouth, sinusitis, vasodilatation, yawning, mucosal inflammation, insomnia or severe drowsiness, difficult digestion, tremors, decreased libido, abnormal strange dreams, asthenia, skin rash, severe sweating nervousness or a state of increased anxiety. Call your MD if you feel one of these symptoms to take action (reduces the dose or stop taking the pills).

Withdrawal syndrome

This medication may cause withdrawal if the patient stops taking Prozac or reduces the dosage. Some effects may be mild but others may be harmful to your health. Contact MD if you experience the following symptoms: stomach problems, irritability, flu symptoms, nausea, increased aggressiveness, tremors, intense agitation or increased anxiety, crying attacks, nausea, confusion, memory lapses, terrible dreams, dizziness, confusion. insomnia.

In most cases, withdrawal occurs after discontinuation of the drug after 6 weeks. Also, a reduction in dosage after such a period can lead to the appearance of these effects. Most often, symptoms disappear after 4 weeks, sometimes this can happen earlier. The doctor may cancel the drug in some cases, such as during pregnancy. But such symptoms may not happen, some patients normally responded to drug withdrawal or reduction in dosage.


Prozac is prohibited for people with liver failure, an allergic reaction to the elements in the medication, kidney failure, a combination with monoamine oxidize inhibitors, thoughts of suicide, glaucoma, disease of the bladder. Also, talk with your MD if you plan to take Prozac during pregnancy or breastfeeding - many doctors prohibit the use of this medicine during this period.

Is Fluoxetine Prozac?

Fluoxetine is the active ingredient that is in the composition of Prozac. Prozac is the brand name of the original drug and Fluoxetine is generic. That is, it is the same medicine with the same purpose and functions but at a cheaper price. Generic has fewer side effects; therefore it is more common among patients. Fluoxetine aims are to treat depression and sometimes OCD, in some cases, this medicament is used to treat bulimia. It is also important to observe the exact dosage and monitor the reaction of your body.

Where can I buy Prozac online?

You can buy not only Prozac but also many other high-quality medicines at affordable prices in our pharmacy. You can be sure that in our catalog you will find a large selection of certified branded medicines as well as cheap generics.


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Last updated: 30.10.2020

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