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Jericho Men Facial Serum

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Jericho Men Facial Serum

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Facial Serum: Intensive Hydration
Composition: Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin A & Natural Oils
Application: Face care

Category: Lifestyle
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maximum of the representatives of the stronger intercourse do not care for the pores and skin, even as regularly the work is associated with bodily labor and emotional stress. there is also an aggressive work environment. these elements, which include no longer always perfect climate situations and annoying situations, cause improved ageing of the pores and skin
The face of each man desires cautious care due to physiological traits. since the structure of the male dermis is thicker than the lady, and the wide variety of capillaries and sebaceous glands in it's far large, it's miles a good deal more hard for guys to get rid of inflammations, to restore the pores and skin's softness and elasticity. Many famous personalities use not most effective men's face cream for wrinkles, however additionally other sorts of cosmetics to look attractive so long as viable. To remedy numerous aesthetic problems Jericho men Facial Serum changed into created. \par
Jericho guys Facial Serum will save men from all forms of troubles, such as
Dryness. within the autumn and winter, guys's pores and skin is exposed to wind and bloodless. Peeling and tightness. those are products enriched with moisturizing substances so as to restore the natural water barrier and guarantee safety from the have an effect on of the surroundings.
infection after shaving. To get rid of the irritation from the motion of the blades, it is enough to use this drug.
Pigmentation and untimely getting old. Even dense male dermis isn't always protected from wrinkles and sluggish loss of elasticity. consequently, the anti-aging element this is in this solution is vital to avoid early growing old


Medically reviewed by

Dr. Josette Davignon

Last updated: 31.05.2020