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Diflucan (Fluconazole)
Diflucan (Fluconazole)

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Diflucan (Fluconazole)

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Commercial Name: Diflucan 
Ingredient: Fluconazole
Utilization: Treats of fungal infections
Available Dosage: 50mg, 150mg, 200mg

Category: Antifungal
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Diflucan is a fluconazole-primarily based antibiotic of parasitic anti-toxin applied for treatment of fungal infections (i.e. candidiasis) that comprise throat, urinary tract, vaginal contaminations, pneumonia, and peritonitis. it works with the useful resource of meddling with the arrangement of organisms cell layer and getting rid of fluconazole-touchy growths. 
Reactions of Diflucan may include: 
• exchange of flavor or strange desire for meals; 
• cerebral ache, unsteadiness, sudden weakness, fever or chills; 
• in a few instances influenza manifestations; 
• infection, stomach torment, steamed belly, loss of yearning; 
• jaundice, dust-hued stools, dim pee; 
• hypersensitive reaction signs and symptoms, e.g. problem respiration, hives, pores and pores and skin rash, tingling or stripping; swollen face, lips, throat or tongue; 
• seizures. 
to lower the risk of creating reactions, it's far necessitated that your expert conventional remedy with Diflucan on the off chance which you: 
• are taking pills containing cyclosporine, ketoconazole, glipizide, warfarin, tolbutamide, glyburide, chlorpropamide, tolazamide, diazepam, alprazolam, midazolam, lorazepam, rifampin, rifabutin, phenytoin, valproic corrosive, theophylline, tacrolimus due to their ability to interface with Diflucan; 
• are unfavorably allergic or without issue affected to fluconazole or some exclusive enemy of contagious azole prescriptions, for example, itraconazole or clotrimazole; 
• are pregnant, breastfeeding or intending to have a little one; 
• experience the unwell results of or have contamination history marked by way of coronary heart/vessels/liver/kidney situations, pulse or beat trouble, the low measurement of potassium, calcium or magnesium in the blood. 
it's miles critical to restriction alcohol liquids intake amid remedy with Diflucan. 
Overdose might be perilous in light of the truth that it may purpose uncommon thoughts, atypical musings or behavior; if there's a possibility you have got taken an extra or twofold part of Diflucan, document this in your professional. 

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Josette Davignon

Last updated: 10.07.2020