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Cymbalta (Duloxetine)
Cymbalta (Duloxetine)

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Cymbalta (Duloxetine)


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Commercial Name: Cymbalta 
Ingredient: Duloxetine 
Utilization: Treats of depression
Available Dosage: 20mg, 40mg, 60mg 

Category: Anti-Depressants
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30 mg 30 pills $111.03
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30 mg 90 pills $178.32
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30 mg 180 pills $238.88
40 mg 30 pills $122.24
40 mg 60 pills $173.83
40 mg 90 pills $207.48
40 mg 120 pills $243.37
40 mg 180 pills $299.44
60 mg 30 pills $131.22
60 mg 60 pills $194.02
60 mg 90 pills $238.88
60 mg 120 pills $283.74
60 mg 180 pills $360.00

What is Cymbalta?

Cymbalta is an original medicine that is recommended to patients as an antidepressant. There is also another name for these tablets, which is more common - Duloxetine Hydrochloride. More specifically, duloxetine is a generic of Cymbalta, that is, a similar medication with a similar composition and functions. This medicine is also recommended for patients with urinary incontinence, chronic neuropathic pain, depressive disorders, and fibromyalgia. If you have chosen the original type, you can be sure of its quality, but the generic is also quite popular because it gives the same effect but at an affordable price.

Any medication has its favorable circumstances and impediments, yet this prescription has been perceived as perhaps the most secure medication as an upper, pain relieving and anxiolytic. Regularly, the specialist recommends Cymbalta 30 mg to the patient to diminish torment or help adapt to a discouraged state. Dose, time of utilization, term of activity and reactions are nearly the equivalent on the off chance that you choose to take the Cymbalta brand or purchase conventional Duloxetine.

Where can I buy Cymbalta online?

Every patient can buy drugs in our drug store. This is extremely quick and advantageous in light of the fact that putting in a request takes just a few minutes. On the off chance that you have to buy Cymbalta online, at that point we won't request that you send your PCP's solution. We are certain about the nature of our items, thusly we confide in our clients. Remember that any medication ought to be taken carefully at the recommended measurement with the goal that the patient won't get wellbeing entanglements and manifestations of reactions. Our costs are truly moderate so here you can likewise buy Duloxetine online. You don't have to invest energy heading off to a drug store, buy meds here and indicate the conveyance address. Our asset would be a great decision for current transport individuals who need to be sound.

How to use Cymbalta?

The dose of this prescription is person. It relies upon the reason for the arrangement, sort of agony, age, reaction to treatment, and the patient's wellbeing status. The base and the most ideal portion is 30 mg (one tablet). The specialist prescribes taking 1 or 2 tablets for every day. The measurements of Cymbalta 60 mg will be higher and increasingly powerful, however the patient can't expand this all alone in the event that he has not gotten the fundamental impact. Chat with your PCP and possibly he will give you a more grounded upper. It is likewise significant not to quit taking the prescription forcefully - this can prompt medical issues. Converse with your primary care physician in the event that you need to quit taking Cymbalta. Drop of this medicine can prompt emotional episodes, tipsiness, weariness, inconvenience dozing, the runs. Likewise, a few people whined that they had a sentiment of electric stun.

Cymbalta side effects

Reactions can happen from accepting this drug as well as from an overdose or withdrawal. This can be partitioned into two kinds: gentle and genuine reactions. After numerous investigations, the outcome indicated that Cymbalta is all around endured by patients with an individual measurement and every one of the proposals of a specialist. In any case, any medicine has claim highlights.

Symptoms of these pills can be the accompanying: change in the smell of pee, torment in the ears, nosebleeds, tinnitus, diminished moxie, blacking out, cool furthest points. Likewise, the patient may feel nervousness, torpidity, forcefulness, psychomotor tension, lack of care, lunacy, paresthesia, tipsiness, musings of suicide, bruxism, seizures, outrage, and even end it all.

Likewise, Cymbalta can antagonistically influence the stomach related framework: hepatitis, taste unsettling influence, blood in the dung, stoppage, stomatitis, burping, dry mouth, dyspepsia, queasiness, jaundice, intense renal disappointment, and gastroenteritis. A few patients additionally got liver disappointment, halitosis, or gastrointestinal dying.


On the off chance that you comprehend the impact of this medicine and you choose to buy Cymbalta for pain, at that point you have to counsel a specialist and know the contraindications. This medication is denied for pregnant ladies, particularly in the principal trimester. It is additionally best to begin taking a little portion to discover your body's response. A few men with urological issues can't take these pills. In the event that the patient has an unfavorably susceptible response to specific parts of the medication or duloxetine, at that point the specialist will restrict taking it. Cymbalta is additionally restricted for individuals with shut glaucoma, spasms or bipolar issue. The specialist forbids joining this drug with liquor since it can meddle with the view of the outside world, awful coordination and lead to issues with speculation.

Cymbalta overdose

Cymbalta can upset your wellbeing in the event that you get an overdose. This prescription is an incredible cure, so an overdose can prompt heaving, diminished craving, tremor, clonic seizures, or ataxia. On the off chance that the patient feels this, at that point he ought to promptly contact an emergency vehicle. For this situation, the treatment will be strong and symptomatic. Present day medication doesn't have a careful antitoxin against an overdose of this medication, however such manifestations likewise don't generally occur. There was a situation when the patient got an overdose of 1400 mg and he didn't get genuine outcomes. Cymbalta is probably the most secure drug for treating misery since it has no withdrawal disorder and it isn't addictive.

Cymbalta advantages

Numerous specialists call this medication perhaps the best drug to treat substantial indications of gloom, discouraged conduct, atypical misery, and comorbid uneasiness. In contrast to its partners, Cymbalta acts all the more successfully on the body without fixation. In the event that you have not sensitive to duloxetine, chat with your primary care physician about endorsing this prescription. However, it is critical to pursue every one of his suggestions so as not to hurt your wellbeing.

Buy Cymbalta no prescription

Our online drug store offers clients to buy Cymbalta without a remedy. We offer just the most excellent prescriptions at affordable costs. We value your wellbeing; therefore, check each medication in our list mindfully. Check the accessibility of tablets in stock and we will mastermind quick conveyance. You can likewise choose the necessary measurements and counsel with an authority about taking pills. Every item in our collection has itemized directions for use so and it is advantageous for our clients.


Medically reviewed by

Dr. Josette Davignon

Last updated: 22.09.2020

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