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Commercial Name: Codeine
Principal Ingredient: Codeine
Utilization: Treats allergies, swelling and skin diseases
Available Dosage: 15mg
Category: Pain Management
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Codeine is an alkaloid contained in opium poppy. The effect on the body is close to morphine, but by the strength of the inhibitory effect on the central nervous system is significantly inferior to it; the ability to suppress the cough reflex is expressed in Codeine stronger. At long, the use of Codeine can develop a drug addiction.
By the nature of the action, codeine is close to morphine; pronounced ability to reduce the excitability of the cough center.

Prolonged use of codeine can be very dangerous and sometimes fatal. With prolonged use of codeine may occur: insomnia; attacks of the night choking; pain during drug withdrawal; liver damage; convulsions.
Health effects and risks
Excess dosage of codeine can lead to loss of consciousness and cardiac arrest or respiratory depression. When codeine is consumed, breathing is slowed down, which in turn leads to a reduction in the oxygen content in the blood and organs. This can have a devastating effect on organ systems. 

Main side effects of codeine: dizziness; nausea, lack of appetite; digestive disorders; hallucinations; tremor; depression; incontinence or inability to urinate; slow breathing; slow heartbeat; lower blood pressure. An overdose of codeine can lead to persistent health problems, and death.