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Alpha Body Mist

Alpha Body Mist

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Type: Sovaldi
Ingredients: Androstenone, androstadienone & Dead Sea Minerals
Application: Over the Skin, under the wrist, elbows and ears.


Category: Lifestyle
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all of us has expected himself to be a honestly best man who can manage the women for the duration of the day and the night. it's far practicable, on the off danger that you study the Alpha body Mist which is some assist to be the Alpha Male everywhen you need. The smell of this fog can evoke this kind of large need, to the element that no female can oppose it. You must spritz some times with the mist for your frame within the wake of cleansing up, after the health club, earlier than eliminating to the bed or gambling out a few other arrangement. The fog is hypoallergic and is appropriate for every pores and skin kind. The mist is considerably compact and has a appropriate form so that you can deliver your Alpha frame Mist within the pocket, within the bag, otherwise to be continuously prepared to invigorate your perfume wherever you want. The factors of the Alpha body Mist is as in keeping with the subsequent: DRF Alcohol, Alcohol 39C, DEP, benzyl salicylate, Water (Aqua), perfume, Glycerine, Styrax Benzoin Resin. 
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