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Biologically energetic additives can be known as the lifestyle meds. but they're no longer clearly meds, they are form of meals additives. 
nutritional supplements deliver the body with those microelements that we want and which can not be provided just with everyday meals in sufficient quantities. however they must comply with their motive and all hygienic standards. If a person takes biologically lively additives that are not simply wanted by his body, then the consequences may be different - from losing the cash (due to the fact the body honestly washes away unwanted materials and extra vitamins) to the fitness problems and complications of existing illnesses, if any.
So be wise, deciding on those "lifestyle meds" for your functions, whether it may be beauty issues, weight loss, firming, or something else, and test out the collection of our shop.



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Dr. Josette Davignon

Last updated: 28.05.2020